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Wolfe Outfitters Contact Form

Guide Services

Wolfe Outfitters' guide service runs half-day, three-quarter-day, and full-day guided fly and light tackle fishing trips. Half-day trips last four to five hours on the water. Three-quarter-day trips last about six hours. Full-day trips last about eight hours. The total duration of each trip is tailored to the needs of our clients. Depending on where we are fishing, the travel time to and from the water will vary from ten minutes to ninety minutes each way. The trip times are for actual fishing times, not including the travel times to or from the water.

For customers staying at select hotels in Frankfort or Manistee, pick up arrangements can be made upon request.

Wolfe Outfitters' guides provide all of the tackle, flies, lures, and other fishing equipment that you'll need for a fun day on the water. We welcome you to bring your own equipment, as well. Wolfe Outfitters' guides also provide snacks and non-alcoholic drinks for all trips. For three-quarter- and full-day trips, guides also provide lunch. If you have any dietary restrictions, please discuss them with your guide prior to the trip.

You'll need to bring weather-appropriate clothing including rain gear, even if the forecast doesn't call for it. Dress in layers so that you can adjust to any changes in the weather. Michigan weather is notoriously difficult to predict. You should also bring sunscreen, a hat, polarized sunglasses, a camera, and any personal items you might need, such as medication.

Wading trips are available and are done in the warmer months of the year, either with waders or as a wet-wading style without waders. We recommend Gore-Tex waders for their superior breathability and lack of bulk when wading, especially during summer months. If you are interested in a wading trip, please discuss options and availability when booking your trip.

Wolfe Outfitters is fully insured, and is licensed and permitted to run guide trips by the State of Michigan, the US Forest Service, the National Park Service and the US Coast Guard. Please see the About Wolfe Outfitters page for more information about our guides. Wolfe Outfitters holds Special Use permits for trips inside the Manistee National Forest, utilizing Federal launch facilities. Wolfe Outfitters is the only permitted guide outfitter allowed to guide customers inside the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, giving customers access to world-class fishing.

If you're interested in learning more about tipping fishing guides, check out this in-depth article at MidCurrent.com: How to Tip Fishing Guides and Lodges

Deposit, Cancellation and Rescheduling Policies


Sport Fish Michigan and its associated companies, Traverse City Bass, Wolfe Outfitters, and Manistee River Salmon (hereafter Sport Fish Michigan), require a $100 deposit for all trips in order for the trips to be considered fully booked and confirmed.

The method of payment is at the discretion of the customer, and payment options will be provided at the time the trip is scheduled. All deposits must be made or received within 14 days from the initial trip scheduling for the trip to be considered fully booked and confirmed unless another arrangement is made and agreed upon by the guide booking the trip and the customer.

This deposit serves to hold a spot on the schedule, setting aside the necessary assets and guide for your trip. If the deposit has not yet been received within 10 days of trip scheduling, a reminder will be sent to the customer. After 14 days, Sport Fish Michigan has the sole discretion and option of rescheduling any trip date for which a deposit has not been received or alternate arrangements have not been agreed upon. As such, customers that have not submitted a deposit or made alternate arrangements with a Sport Fish Michigan guide should not consider their trip to be confirmed as their trip date may have been scheduled with another customer. It is the customer's responsibility to contact Sport Fish Michigan to confirm deposit receipt and trip confirmation if not contacted by a Sport Fish Michigan guide.

All last-minute trips (booked within 14 days of the trip date) require an immediate deposit to secure the customer's date of choice.

Cancellations and Rescheduling:

Sport Fish Michigan and its guides understand that cancelling a trip is sometimes unavoidable.

A guide, at their sole discretion, may cancel a trip due to weather, safety concerns, or other conditions that are not conducive to fishing. The guide may choose to cancel a trip either on the day prior to the trip date or on the trip date itself. Guides cannot accurately know what the weather conditions will be sooner than 12 hours before the trip date. Sport Fish Michigan and its guides want to provide the best trip experience that we can for each customer, and take into consideration all aspects of the weather when determining whether to cancel; however, we do not cancel trips solely due to rain, wind, or cold temperatures. Guides will work with customers to reschedule their trip in the event of a guide's decision to cancel a trip.

If a customer wishes to request the cancellation of a trip, it is the customer's responsibility to contact Sport Fish Michigan as soon as possible.

If a customer requests to cancel a trip 14 days or more before their scheduled trip date, the customer will have the option to have their deposit either refunded or applied toward another trip. Sport Fish Michigan and its associated companies will hold a deposit for a rescheduled trip without penalty to the customer for up to a year depending on the future trip date for trips that the customer cancels outside of this 14-day window.

If a customer requests to cancel a trip less than 14 days before their scheduled trip date, the customer's trip deposit will be forfeited. In the case of an emergency, a Sport Fish Michigan guide will work with you in good faith to reasonably conclude whether a deposit should be forfeited, applied to a future trip, or returned.

Credit Card and Debit Card Deposit Refunds:

For deposits that are refunded onto credit or debit cards, it is very important to note that refund processing times vary greatly based on your credit card issuer. Each credit and debit card issuer have individual policies and processing times that can result in refunds appearing in your account anywhere from several business days to over ten business days after we initiate your refund. If your refund has not appeared on your account after allowing for processing time, please contact your credit or debit card issuer to inquire about your refund. Sport Fish Michigan uses Square for credit and debit card processing. We process agreed-upon deposit refunds within 24 hours and will send you a receipt indicating that your refund has been initiated. After Sport Fish Michigan initiates your refund and provides you with a refund receipt, the matter is out of our hands and all questions regarding the crediting of your refund to your account must be directed to your credit or debit card issuer.