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Under Armour

Under Armour

Under Armour is the maker of a wide variety of outdoor gear and apparel for a huge array of sports. With season-specific wear as well as sport-specific designs, Under Armour makes a superior product from top to bottom. From hats and gloves to shoes and boots, and long underwear to outerwear and everything in-between, Under Armour has us covered. Literally. Sport Fish Michigan's Captains are lucky enough to be able to wear this awesome apparel, staying cool in the summer and toasty warm in the winter during our ice fishing trips. After two full seasons of wearing Under Armour gear, we can say that-without a doubt - Under Armour is a great company with fantastic products.

Trout Unlimited Business

Trout Unlimited was founded in northern Michigan, and plays an important role for Wolfe Outfitters. TU, as it's known, are some of the best advocates and resources we have for helping to protect our fisheries, environment and our favorite sport. Trout Unlimited also keeps us informed about changing laws, upcoming rule changes, and in general, helps us do what we love to do!

Angling Buzz

Angling Buzz was the creation of Lindner Media in 2016, with both a new website as well as a new television show. Wolfe Outfitter's sister company, Sport Fish Michigan, was proud to be a sponsor of the news-style Angling Buzz TV show in 2016, and is again for the 2017 season. As a new concept in fishing television, Angling Buzz TV hosts up-to-date information and fishing reports from a wide variety of guides and anglers around the Midwest. Sport Fish Michigan's role was as Michigan's only reporting source for the entire state. Sport Fish Michigan's Capt. Ben Wolfe will be fishing and filming with Al Lindner during the 2017 season, putting together 2 different Lindner's Angling Edge television shows.

Sage Fly Fish

Sage Fly Rods continues to make the best fly rods in the fly-fishing marketplace. Innovative designs in rod tapers and actions offer rods for every experience level. And with rod designs for a large variety of species ranging from fresh water to salt water, there is a rod for every angler's desires. Sage fly rods, are the premiere fly rod for a reason, and we are proud to work with Far Bank Pros to bring these awesome rods to our customers' hands during fly-fishing guide trips.

Hatch Outdoors

Hatch Premium Fly Reels makes the most amazing fly-fishing reels. From an aesthetic standpoint, they are second to none. Sleek, eye-catching reel designs stand apart from the rest, while top-notch performance makes them the choice for Capt. Ben Wolfe for all his fly-fishing customers and personal use. With absolutely butter-smooth drags capable of stopping salmon, bonefish, tarpon, and everything in-between, these reels are American made works of art!


Humminbird makes the best fishing electronics on the market, whether it's on the open water or on the ice. With a wide variety of products to choose from spanning many different price points, Humminbird is a proven leader in easy-to-use electronics that are also the leader in technology. The new Helix series is a game-changer in sonar, both on the ice as well as on our Wolfe Outfitters boats. Wolfe Outfitters will be featuring the all-new Ice Helix 7 on its ice trips for 2017. Other Helix units, like the 9 and 10 series, will be on our Wolfe Outfitters boats.

Minn Kota

Minn Kota makes the best trolling motors on the market without a doubt. The long-standing gold standard on bass boats has been a cable-driven Minn Kota trolling motor, but with the new Ultrex, the game is about to change. No longer will anglers have to make a choice between the ability to use the Minn Kota iPilot system or use a cable drive foot pedal like that on most bass boats. The Ultrex marries the two technologies together, and anglers can now have their cake and eat it too! With the immediate response of a foot controlled cable-drive coupled with the ability to spot lock with an iPilot system, anglers will have the best of both worlds. This brand new Ultrex will be on Wolfe Outfitter's sister company, Sport Fish Michigan, Ranger Bass boat for the upcoming 2017 season, and along with the Ulterra that is already on the custom center console, we will now be able to offer an even greater fishability to our customers.

Costa Del Mar Sunglasses

Costa Del Mar's tagline is #SeeWhatsOutThere for good reason. With the absolute clearest lenses available, Costa Del Mar produces the world's best sunglasses. Available both in prescription and regular lenses, there are numerous lens options to choose from. The 580 lenses are what Sport Fish Michigan Captains use, allowing us to see just about everything. With a huge array of frame styles designed to fit a large variety of face sizes, there is something for everyone.

Simms Fishing

Simms Fishing Products makes the best waders. Period. Simms has been the benchmark in wader technology, quality, and innovation for years. Coupled with their varied superior wading boots, these are the go-to waders for Wolfe Outfitters. Capt. Ben is also a Simms Fishing Products Ambassador, using many of Simms' products throughout the year. From tackle bags to waders, and just about everything in-between, Simms is an outstanding company that we are proud to work with.


Shimano is the maker of the world's best fishing reels, and makes the fishing reels that Wolfe Outfitter's Captains rely on every day for every trip. Shimano produces a large variety of reels to suit a large variety of styles of fishing. For anglers preferring to cast, there are spinning reels and baitcasting reels for every budget. For our Wolfe Outfitter's sister company, Traverse City Bass Guide Service, customers use the Stradic Ci4 spinning reels, and the Curado baitcasting reels. These are true workhorse reels that have never let us down. For trolling lake trout, salmon, and walleye, Wolfe Outfitters Captains prefer the Shimano Tekota reels. The Tekota is a heavy-duty reel that is suited to the rigors of trolling, and its smooth, yet powerful, drag is second to none.

G. Loomis

G.Loomis produces what has long been arguably the best bass fishing rod on the market. Known for its amazing bass rods, G.Loomis also has a stellar lineup of rods suited for many other species. Some of the G.Loomis rods that we at Wolfe Outfitters use are the salmon and steelhead e6x lineup, and the walleye e6x series of rods. Both are workhorses for our guide trips and charters, not to mention the sensitivity, which is unparalleled. From casting rods to walleye trolling rods, G.Loomis has the best and most versatile rods available.



Rapala is much more than a lure maker. Rapala brands together some of the industry's best names. As a maker of lures, they make some amazing lures that catch boat-loads of fish for us here at Wolfe Outfitters. We use a variety of Rapala lures to target smallmouth bass, walleye, panfish, and even lake trout, brown trout, steelhead, and ciscos. In addition, Rapala makes some of the best jigging lure options for ice fishing, and along with their sister company, VMC, who manufactures some of the best hooks and jigs on the market, there are plentiful options for hard water anglers.

Stealth Craft Boats

StealthCraft Boats are built right here in Michigan, and we are proud to offer our customers a chance to step into one. Roomy and extremely stable, these drift boats are also incredibly light. These StealthCraft drift boats are super easy to row, which means that we can pay more attention to our customers, giving them the experience that they deserve.

Yeti Coolers

Yeti Coolers are what is in many of our Wolfe Outfitters boats, not only because of their amazing ability to keep cold things cold, but also for their superior durability. These coolers are the workhorses that we rely on to keep our catches cold in the larger 125-175 sizes, and our snacks and drinks cold in the smaller Roadie-35 sizes.

Rio Products

Customers need products to work, and they need them to work extremely well, without issues. Rio makes premium fly lines, and in our opinion, these products are the best available.


Lamiglas rods offer our salmon and steelhead customers that are fishing with traditional gear the opportunity to fish with the best rods in the industry when it comes to salmon and steelhead specific rods. Lamiglas cut their teeth fishing the Western coastal fisheries for huge salmon and steelhead, and these rods' ability to fight a fish, and turn it away from snags, is second to none. Are we confident in these rods? Oh yeah.

Benzie Chamber of Commerce

Benzie County plays home to not only Crystal Mountain and to Wolfe Outfitters, but also has the Betsie and Platte Rivers meandering through its beautiful landscape. The Benzie County Chamber of Commerce is a group dedicated to furthering the business and recreation in and around Benzie County, and are some of our biggest fans. Stop by the Chamber of Commerce to chat, introduce yourself and see what other activities are available in the area.

Traverse City Tourism

Traverse City Tourism is the driving force behind much of the tourism in the Traverse City area. We have been blessed to have worked with the great people at the Traverse City Tourism for several years now, including a few photo shoots, article mentions, and now in 2017, our sister company, Traverse City Bass Guide Service, has 5 great photos in its Visitor Guide publication. There is an accompanying article, and we were fortunate enough to have some fantastic centerfold photos taken by local photographer Dan Shepler.

Crystal Mountain

Crystal Mountain is a beautiful four-season resort in Thompsonville, Michigan. Perfectly situated to fish the Betsie, Platte, and Manistee Rivers, Wolfe Outfitters customers enjoy the best of both the fishing and resort life worlds. For customers staying at Crystal Mountain, there are plenty of amenities to keep occupied with after the day on the water. Full spa services, fitness center, restaurants, recreation activities are just a few of the many things that Crystal Mountain guests can enjoy.